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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: A letter from Dave on the infamous $40 for 4GB price change

Protest it.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: A letter from Dave on the infamous $40 for 4GB price change

@@Dave_M while you say "While all good things must come to an end at some point – that point is not today."  With all due respect, if by a "good thing" being $120 for a 90 day plan per the fall 2016 promo, I hate to break it to you, but unless Telus wants to go through this again  its not going to be ever as long as people pay their bills.  I have archived the post regarding "no surprises" and other web archiving sites have saved the post.   I'm sure others have as well, and I'll tell you straight up no chaser:  If you try this again, I'll do everyting legally possible to make sure that choice is as painful as possible for Telus / Koodo / Public Mobile.


It's not about the money.  Its about the principle of doing business in good faith, and this just reeked of a money grab.  Telus / Koodo / Public Mobile have lost a lot of faith and trust in people, myself included, who believe in doing business in good faith.  The apology and the text I just received is very boiler plate business speak that in my opinion has no sincerity, more of a "oh sh*t, we got caught!  damage control mode NOW!"


Fortunately for me alternatives have been brought to my attention that are competetive with Public Mobile / Koodo / Telus that will allow me to vote with my dollars and move to another company.  I will be watching closely how Telus / Koodo / Public Mobile treat those who proactively left Public Mobile for what seems to be an inferior plan at the same price point (Koodo's) to cast my vote.


In the meantime, I'm sorry that Telus / Koodo / Public Mobile isn't going to be able to brag about increased profits at our expense, but on a good side maybe its time to buy shares on the impending dip.  Since Telus / Koodo / Public Mobile thought it was great idea to make money at my expense, maybe I should try to make a little money at theirs.


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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: A letter from Dave on the infamous $40 for 4GB price change



I will keep the plan, but will keep an eye for deals from NON TELUS Companies.

Before the price increase was called off, I had said I would prefer to be cellphone-less than give my money to a TELUS brand again.


That whole "lets switch our users to postpaid" stunt was real BS.



Mayor / Maire

Re: A letter from Dave on the infamous $40 for 4GB price change

We live to fight another day! 🙂

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: A letter from Dave on the infamous $40 for 4GB price change


Its possible I'm wrong and you may be right but the push to get us to go elsewhere seems very foreign to me.

For most the loyalty (or what is left of it after this) isn't with Telus it's with PM and Koodo is no different than any other competitor. Maybe i'm old fashioned but If you want us to pay more, offer more with the company we think we're loyal to.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: A letter from Dave on the infamous $40 for 4GB price change

As others have said, this situation has seriously damaged the reputation of PM. Be it existing customers, on any plan - how do they know their plans aren’t going to be subject to similar changes. - or potential new customers - they don’t know if their “good” plan will suddenly become “bad”


Stating that the change is not coming today doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Obviously stated that way so they have something to fall back on to claim they never said never.


one hopes that when they next think of an increase that they look back to this and realize that the customer might not appreciate the surprise. Maybe the customer base might give them their own surprise again!


I also wonder why the push to Koodoo? Yes, I suspect there is a monetary incentive for PM to switch customers to another Telus partner. 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: A letter from Dave on the infamous $40 for 4GB price change



Dave isn't the best one to go to as i dont' think he'll answer. Most of who you'll need to talk to will be Koodo but I'll put a shout out here to see what mod we can get to help you on PM's side.


@Luddite I've been off the forums for a while. Could you give @Litvinau_A a suggestion as to a mod that may be able to help him?


Edit: Sorry i didn't quote @Litvinau_A so that @Luddite would know what we are talking about.


Dear @Dave_M please DM me asap! I have already switched to koodo today because i didn't want to get charged on my renewal date in few days, and now i want to be back with all my rewards gained up to date. Thank you.



Re: A letter from Dave on the infamous $40 for 4GB price change

Hey @Dave_M thanks for the update.  I hope this was a learning experience for all.  The koodo offer was decent, the price increase was too much too soon. I believe you would have had less pushback if you allowed people to complete their terms / give  4 months advance notice , prorate plans and  Carry over balances.


A $3 -5$ increase would in my mind with the above would not have caused as many issues.


I am sure you will be discussing this in future meatings.


Thanks for listening






Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: A letter from Dave on the infamous $40 for 4GB price change

Despite the retraction, it is hard to overstate what a bad taste this leaves in your customers' mouths.


Prior to this, I was an actual fan -- something I don't say lightly about the Canadian telecoms, and probably never will again. Despite a few technical hiccups when I originally signed up (PRIOR to the Fall 2016 promo in question, which I switched to later), Public Mobile had more than lived up to my expectations. In my first month or two, they even had a fun little forum promo where they awarded 3 months of free Netflix...nice touch. The moderators were ever helpful with the aforementioned technical issues, and everything went smoothly when I referred family and friends.


Now...not so much. The trust is broken. The ominous writing (i.e., "just not today") is on the wall. I will be keeping my eye out for alternatives. Hope it was worth it. Let us know how this plan to herd us all "up the value chain" works out for you. Right now, I'd put it at about 2500 CCTS complaints and counting...

Mayor / Maire

Re: A letter from Dave on the infamous $40 for 4GB price change


I think people (myself included) are mostly mad about the language used, "for now" means its just buying time.

As for the Koodo plan. There was no loyalty ($1/year/month) and some of us are at a couple bucks there. There are no referals (I'm at zero but some are really high) there was no $2 auto renew. No Community bonuses.... all these things add up each month.

Biggest for many, overages charges at kodoo where PM doesn't allow overages.

Plus $15 activation for the SIM card. 

And i'm assuming Kodoo doesn't have other service charges related to post paid.... 

All true.  I save a few bucks every month on loyalty, referrals, community, etc, it's not much but it does add up.

Koodo and Telus do offer prepaid "pay-as-you-go" options, if avoiding postpaid billing suprises is important ... although it's true these options aren't the best deals in town.  The SIM card fee is a one-time annoyance, and some former-PM users report that Koodo will waive it.


I agree that this whole scenario wasn't a good business move.  Cellphone providers always want to balance ARPU vs subscribers vs operating expenses ... so it's reasonable for them to continually try upselling and increasing their ARPU but it's also suicidal for them to knock happy customers out of their boxes because these just become disgruntled customers who join competitors.  PM is especially vulnerable since it happens to lean heavily on word of mouth advertising, they need happy people advertising the brand, they don't need angry people condemning the brand.


"For now" is indeed ominous ... but I imagine that if/when PM does finally commit to pushing through this forced migration then the Telus network as a whole will lose a lot of people who'd rather go elsewhere (anywhere!) before ever going to Koodo.


I was initially attracted to PM because it was literally the best deal available, good service and good plans at good prices.  I stay with PM because it's still a good deal - perhaps not the very best deal anymore, if I examine every alternative - but close enough and it pays for itself in other ways.  I also love the "DIY" PM support model.  But I imagine that if things suddenly got costly and inconvenient then I'd be researching all my (non-PM, non-Koodo, non-Telus) alternatives pretty quick.

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