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Retraité / Retired

*611 or 1-855-4PUBLIC – Temporary intermittent issue

Our IVR (*611 or 1-855-4PUBLIC) is experiencing temporary intermittent issue. As we are working on fixing the issue, you may log in to Self-serve to make a payment at

We apologize for any inconveniences.

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Retraité / Retired

Re: *611 or 1-855-4PUBLIC – Temporary intermittent issue

Great News! Everything is back to normal and working.

We apologize for any inconvenience and worries.

Happy Sunday to all

Mayor / Maire

Re: *611 or 1-855-4PUBLIC – Temporary intermittent issue

Maybe *611/ 1-855-4Public needs to go on a Vacation. The Community seems much more adequate. And besides, We still need to break In PM, Just like one would, with a New Car. *611/ 1-855-4Public is more for the Tougher Diagnosis. You know, If Telus wanted to Advertise PM more effectively, Have Morgan Freeman, or Keanu Reeves. Morgan Freeman though would be more effective in advertising a Public Mobile Carrier service. Chain Reaction was one great example, LOL

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