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Updated: Contacting our Community Moderators

Hey Community,


As you know, our Community is the place to get all the Public Mobile help and support you need! The Community is also the place where you can get assistance from our awesome Community Moderators when needed. 


Who are the Community moderators?

  • The Community moderation team consists of 4 awesome team members that can be identified by this iconnext to their usernames. The following amazing Mod's are currently part of the Moderator team:

When are the community moderators available?

  • Community Moderators are available from Mon-Thursday 9am(EST) to 9pm(EST) and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9am(EST) to 5:30pm(EST)

When should I contact a Community Moderator?

  • After you posted a question about our products and services  and haven’t received a response (On average you should have a response within 30-60min)
  • When one of our Oracles or Community members decides that your question/issue needs moderator assistance

Which Moderator should I contact?

Regardless of who you PM, your question goes into a pool of questions that is distributed to all of our Moderators. This takes all the guesswork out of the process and means that as long as you are private messaging at least one of the Moderators, you will get a response. For example, if I were to PM @Mary_M during a time where she is not working, but @MarieHelene_L and @Shazia_K are, then I will receive a response from either @MarieHelene_L or @Shazia_K. This also means that tagging is not necessary.


How should I contact the Community Moderators?

There are two way's that you are able to contact our Community Moderators:

  1. Private Messaging: You can do this by searching for the Community Moderator’s name or by clicking on the Community Moderator’s name or Avatar, then, on the right-side of their profile click on “Send this user a private message”
  2. Tagging: If you would like a Moderator to weigh-in on a discussion, simply add their name to the post you created i.e @Shazia_K

How can I view my private messages between myself and a Community Moderator?


If I do need Moderator assistance, what information should I provide?

  • Once the Community Moderator has responded to a private message, they will provide you with a secure link so they can authenticate your account information
  • Your account number and #PIN will be asked for, so we can validate your account information

How quickly should I expect a Community Moderator to respond to me?

  • During our business hours, our Community Moderators strive to respond to you within 20-60 minutes of you private messaging them

What other ways can I get assistance if the Community Moderators are not available?


-Public Mobile Community team


Updated April 24th, 2017.



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@canucks4life  I agree and then you could always still private message the individual MOD directly if you wanted.


It's great that this is stickied, as this is probably one of the most frequent topic I've had to refer people to.


It would be a great idea that this is permanantly stickied, and not just temporary!


It says we can expect a reply with 20-30 minutes after they have been tagged or messaged. Not true. I have messaged @Shazia_K about an hour ago and no response till now. Very unhappy. Smiley Sad

Hello @iamnopreacher


I'm truly sorry about the long wait, 


We are currently experiencing a higher volume of messages than our usual.


Please allow a few minutes, I will get to your message. 






 I sent message to @Shazia_K @Mary_M esterday but my messages are still unread!

my issue is urgent. Mods, please help!!


@soleimani messages don't get marked as read even when they are read by the mods.  This is because messages go into a shared queue (so that all mods can see them), and reading the messages in the shared queue doesn't mark them as read in the individual mods' mailboxes.

Hello @soleimani


I'm sorry to hear about this, 


I see that one of our customer service agent has already responded to you via email. 


Please let us know if anything. 


Thank you @WearySky Smiley Happy





I have not received any email and any message so far! can you resend it to me?

Hey @soleimani


Oh that's strange, did you check your spam emails as well? 


I will forward it to you in private right now. 






This seems to be an increasingly common problem, people sending messages via the contact us form and the responses never arriving.


I have to say there is a very very poor response time from any moderators.  Of the few that are actually employed, I am really suprised there is only 3 or 4 of them to respond to questions and of the two that appear to be online today, i have UNREAD messages sent to them that are a few HOURS old.  The comment above stating responses will be handeled within 20-30 minutes is FAR from reality.  I love talking in CAPS to emphasize a point.  LOL  WHen the head MOD has to explaing to everyone how the process works and who gtets the emails and encourages us NOT to post to each of the MODS separately, it is quite obviously NOT working and everyone like me is trying every angle they can to get through to someone to answer their question!!!!!s  Squeeky wheel gets the grease and maybe if more people like me share thier experiences honeslty, then management will be more likely to throw some more cash at hiring more talent to accelerate the adoption of subscribers to Public Mobile.  :-)


@choworth when you (and people like you) send multiple messages to individual mods, you're actually making the problem WORSE because the mods have to check every message sent, to see if it's a new problem being reported or if you're sending them more information to help with the problem, or what.  As has been stated multiple times in multiple places on the boards - messages often NEVER show as being "read" because of the queue system in place.  They read it from the queue and it doesn't mark it as read in the private messaging system.

They've already stated that they're planning to implement an actual ticketing system, so people can submit tickets and follow status (in progress, etc) without having to send messages.


Yah we will see how this plays out.  Not sure why you are so defensive on behalf of the MODS?  Why wouldnt you be happy there are more people like me who have the courage to state the truth!

@choworth it's quite simple--we know the system is flawed, and Public Mobile know the system is flawed, they have acknowledged it and are working on fixing it but it takes time. The system is not perfect, and the people are not perfect.  BUT (and I use capitals here for emphasis), that said, we know they ARE hard working, caring, dedicated individuals who really DO care about helping everyone.  If they take a bit longer to respond to your request it means they are BUSY, and NOT that they are ignore you.  This post states that they "strive" to respond to you within 20-30 mins but doesn't guarantee it.  Please try to have a little more patience.  


I find it very stange that all of you annonymous, suposedly non-PM staff, are so defensive on behalf of the MODS that are not responding?!  When you say the 'system' is not perfect, its not the system that is the issue, its staff and managment of that staff.


@choworth I can see this is going to be a rather pointless disucssion as you've already decided there's conspiracies at play or hidden agendas.  I'm a community member and customer just like you.  I'm "defending" the moderators because I've interacted a lot with them the past year and a half and they are really nice people and you are slamming them for no reason other than a bit of impatience.  The system I'm referring to is the way that issues are raised and tracked.  I logged this as an idea some time ago, and PM are working on improving things.  Please consider up-voting if you don't like the way things work today.



Hello @choworth


First of all, I am truly sorry for the long wait, 


We have received a private message from you 4 hours ago, it has not gone unseen but we are responding to everyone starting from the oldest.  We are also receiving a higher volume of requests than our usual due to the promo plan deadline. 


Thank god we are all humans! Smiley Tongue I will respond to you shortly! 









@choworth thanks!  


The problem is that the problem should have been dealt with two years ago.


An announcement that Public Mobile was transitioning to a self-serve model was made in September 2014 (source), and the current model was in place since February 2015 (source).


I have no doubt that the move saved Telus money in the short term, but based on any other metric the implementation was horrible.  And the fact that two years down the road the mess is still not cleared up speaks louder than empty promises and feeble excuses.


@Alexo at the end of the day, it's up to the folks running the company to drive how they want the business run, including budgets, priorities for changes, etc.  I'm not saying you should leave PM as a customer, but at the end of the day if you don't approve of how things are run and feel strongly enough about it, you could vote with your wallet and move your business to a competitor.  That's one nice thing about being contract-free, you can leave anytime if you decide to do so without worrying about paying off a device balance or anything of the sort.  


@srlawren, and one of the nice things about living in a free country is that I can criticize a botched implementation of a "business decision" that eneded up frustrating paying customers and undoubtedly cost the company some goodwill.


Or do you wish to deny me that right?


I would argue that if enough people raise a stink about it, the next time when a similar idea comes up it will be considered more carefully and implemented better, to the advantage of both PM and its customers.


So yes, I could leave, but instead I choose to stay and urge PM to improve.


Do you have a problem with it?


@Alexo nope, speak up all you like, by all means.  Smiley Happy


It looks your team needs a queue entry instead of individual tagging

I think everything works pretty well

@tonyliu2ca I completely agree.  Please review my existing idea for a ticketing system, and consider clicking the bravo (thumbs up) button to support the idea.


@srlawren clicked. you have a bigger vision than I had, it may need many resources and changes that takes longer to archive that goal depending on my experience in a large business, but no goal no approach, at least a little move getting start.


Great! This is right place to solve all the problems that cannot be solved from the user end.

As a community member when we are unable to solve the problem we can get help from the moderator.

Graet reference for the community. 


upon my limit and short time reading posts, get the feeling that as community members all of us would love to contribute in a certain way, suggestions for getting thing easier or streamline the business process will benefit not only P.M. but all of us.


the information is helpful, but it just took so long to get help from any of the MOD. Even during working hours still can't get any reply. Feeling bad about the service.

 Re-activate and change plan at the same time



new plan 

Unlimited province + international text for 30 days 

Kindly change it at your earliest



Good morning @amna123, please send a Private Message to a moderator as explained in the article above. This is a public forum, so please remove your private details from your post by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner and select 'edit post' to remove the acct and phone #.


Community moderators will be online in about a half hour, so if you send the message now with your details explaining what you need to do for your plan they will do their best to respond within a day.


@amna123 I have edited your post to mask personal information, as per the community guidelines.

Thank you @srlawren Smiley Happy 


@amna123, I also sent you a private message a while ago, please let us know if everything is good now. 








This information is very helpful! Thank you! I'm excited to be a part of the community!

 Welcome to the community, @Alissa!


@Jeremy_M, will this get updated with the new @Moderator_Team tag created?



@ShawnC13 I think some of the details are still being worked out.  All in good time...  Smiley Wink